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The Hottest Women’s Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hairstyles for Short Hair

This year many celebrities have decided to chop all of their hair off. This has left many women wondering, could I pull off a short hairstyle? The answer to that question is yes, if you find the right hairstyle for you. Ted Gibson, a celebrity hairstylist for stars like Brooklyn Decker and Anne Hathaway, and Adam Campbell, who styled the hair of Kate Hudson and Scarlett Johansson, have come together to teach women how to find the best short hairstyles for their face shape.

Hairstyles for Short Hair

This year the pixie cut has been worn by many celebrities. Some of them include: Emma Watson, Rihanna, Halle Berry, and Ginnifer Goodwin. The pixie can look great on almost any face shape as long as it is done right. If you have a high forehead then go for a longer side-swept bang like Rihanna, it hides your forehead and brings attention to your eyes. If you have a round face, a pixie will work for you too, but be sure to keep the sides very short while the top is kept long. Women with oval faces and/ or high cheekbones can also wear pixies and can have them cut in whatever style they like.

When women cut or style their hair the goal they should be trying to achieve is to make their face appear oval shaped. With that said, women who have an oval face shape can wear almost any hairstyle and get away with it. If you have an oval face shape and a bold/strong personality, then you could go for hairstyles such as the blunt bob or the Cleopatra. Celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry are all very daring and have chosen the blunt bob.

Hairstyles for Short Hair

Women who have a thin, long face, like Liv Tyler, should choose a hairstyle that is a little shorter or longer than chin length. Also be sure to choose a hairstyle that has a deep side part because it will add fullness to your face and make it appear more oval shaped.

Those who have high cheekbones, like Victoria Beckham, are “lucky” because you “can get away with anything,” says Campbell. An asymmetrical bob is a great hairstyle to show off your bone structure. Sleek, straight hair can streamline your face so that your beautiful cheekbones really stand out.

Those with long necks can sometimes find it difficult to wear short hairstyles. Many women usually feel like short hairstyles can make their necks appear longer. The trick to look good with short hair, if you have a long neck, is to never cut your hair above the chin. Anne Hathaway is a good example of this. She has a long neck and looks great with a longer bob. If bobs aren’t your style, then choose any style that is straight and blunt.

Women with a square face look great with a straight hairstyle that is below the jaw. It is important to never cut your hair above your jaw because the length of your hair will draw attention to your jaw and take away from the rest of your features. You should also part your hair slightly off center, like Jennifer Aniston, because it “gives a square face more asymmetry,” says Campbell.

Women with a heart shaped face should also not cut their hair shorter than chin length. Reese Witherspoon is a good example of this; you will find that she hardly ever has extremely short hair. She also usually sports straight or soft, side-swept bangs, that anyone with a heart shaped face would look great with.

Lastly, for those with a round face should have longer layers that are sleek and angular. This will add shape and symmetry to your round face, which usually lacks shape. Be sure to add volume to the top of your hair, it will make your face appear longer and leaner.
Short hair can sometimes seem very bold, which can sometimes deter women from great short hairstyles. Anyone can pull off short hair though, as long as they have the right cut for their face shape

By Sherry Brister

Calaveras En Versos

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