23rd August 2014
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"Canciones Alusivos Al Dia Del Cusco"

5 most popular haircuts of the celebrities for the summer

Long, straight and Sleek

Long, straight and sleek has been a very stylish and popular haircut these days. All you need is a flat iron and some smoothing serum to make it really, really sleek. It’s cool to have it really long, flat, straight and balanced. But to add some character to your stylish haircut, have it layered at the surface. This helps to create that unblended look. Highlighting some of the layers is also another way to add variation. Check out Becki Newton and Rachel Bilson’s haircuts.

Bobs without the bangs

Bobs has lasted through last year till this year, but with a twist. With the bangs out of the way, we see more of a clean bob with less of the angles. This is an excellent stylish haircut for you if you have a high forehead. It’s easy to manage and you can even add an angle to the cut at the front for a different variation. Both Heidi Klum and Alana de la Garza have this haircut.

The weighted half up-do

Want something neat and lengthy at the same time? Then try the weighted half up-do. This popular haircut looks glamorous especially when you have a lot of volume on your hair.

All you need to do is to smooth your hair back from your forehead, push it a little forward and anchor it with a hair pin. Easy!

You can have variations for this too – for extra fullness, keep it loose at the top. Otherwise, you can have more curls to your hair for that additional volume before smoothing your hair back. To look neater, pull more hair back to reveal the ears. Otherwise, let more hair hang loose to cover those ears for a more casual look. Just check out Missy Peregym and Maria Menounos’s hairstyles.

Unkempt but sexy

To create that unkempt look, first get a stylish layered haircut. Next, get some crème and anti-frizz serum to style your hair. Remember to diffuse it dry while you style your hair into the right unkempt shape. This works great when you have long layered hair.

At times, you may even want to use a curling iron for more defined curls like how Laura Vandervoort has it. Just do these at the hair ends, taking are to leave the hair at the crown alone. To make your hair wilder, curl your hair section by section at different directions – just like Vanessa Hudgens.

Mid-length bob, but smoothed for that soft look

This is a neither short nor long haircut. Instead, it falls nicely just on the shoulders, in a bob cut. If you like a little volume, have it done in layers so that you can show the texture of your hair within. At the front, the layers help to create that soft look just like Leighton Meester, when you don’t need a fringe to do the work! You can have the ends of that front go up or down, as long as you compliment the shape of your face. This is how January Jones has done for her hair!

To try out popular haircuts on your face BEFORE you get them, check out this virtual hairstyle tool.

All you need is a photo of yourself, and to take this first step looking like the celebrities!

Canciones Alusivos Al Dia Del Cusco

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