23rd August 2014
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Hairstyles 2007 Why Short Cuts Are Stylish Convenient & Back

If you are looking for hairstyle to have in 2007 it?s the short crop. While it has never been away more women are not only taking it as a fashion statement but also a statement of their lives.

Don?t worry any women you have a short crop you; there is a short hairstyle to suit all women.

Short hairstyles are sexy, stylish, convenient and give any women a sense of freedom ? No haircut gives a statement of ?girl power? quite like the short crop.


The crop hairstyle has been popular since the 1920?s it was seen as the height of fashion, then Twiggy came along in the 1960?s Twiggy and encouraged millions of women to go short in the sixties and another wave of short hair cuts are coming in 2007.

Many stars have had short hair in the coming decades, so it?s never really been away.

Linda Evangelista, Courtney Cox and Halle Berry are just a few women who have had short hair over the years and there are of course many more.

The revival

Super model Agyness Deyn cut her hair into a striking platinum crop, inspired by 80s model Jenny Howarth and her career exploded to the upside.

Features in such magazines as vogue have done much to bring the crop to a new audience in late 2006 and early 2007 and fashion shows have also been highlighting the crop hairstyle.

Kylie Mynogue was forced to her cancer scare to have short hair but looked great and this has inspired a lot of women as they see the short crop as a statement of power and femininity.

Sexy Stylish and convenient

Why is the crop so popular? Lets find out and it?s not all about fashion.

1. it?s a statement

Women use the crop as a statement of life change and strength such as when they divorce or split with a

partner. It?s a dramatic change for many women and a statement of a new confidence in their life.

2. Convenience.

You can simply wash and go and it?s the ultimate in convenience for women who are busy. You can save a lot of time and still look great and that?s a huge advantage.

Face shape

As there are so many crops and short hairstyles to choose from, your hairdresser can advice on which cut is best for your particular face shape.

They can show you how to soften, features even if you don?t have the perfect bone structure.

Make a statement

In conclusion, a short crop can be stylish, sexy but just as important it can make a statement for women that they are confident and in control of their lives.

2007 hairstyles will feature a lot of crops, so go short and remember it?s convenient to.

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Hacer Album De Fotos Manual

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