27th August 2014
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"Imagenes Full Hd 1080p Para Android"

Fabulous Hairstyles for Women With Long Faces

Fabulous Hairstyles for Women

Ladies’ faces come in all shapes, and for every shape, there is a plethora of hairstyle possibilities that are suitable. Facial shapes are one of the first things that students in cosmetology schools study. There is the long face, the heart-shaped face, the oval face (which is considered the most versatile of them all), the round face, and the square-shaped face with the prominent jaw. The long face shape in particular is very common throughout the world, and as such is the topic of this article.

The common features of a long face generally include large, long eyes (often with lush brows and lashes); usually a long, narrow nose; a high forehead; a large cheek area; and a long chin. For these longer, sometimes slightly exaggerated features, there are certain ways that ladies can manipulate their hairstyles to counterbalance and subsequently make them appear a bit more diminutive. Fortunately, it leaves a lot of opportunity for fun and interesting styles.

First and foremost, bangs are a great way to compensate for a long forehead because they help to minimize the part of the forehead that is exposed. Bangs can be very sultry (look at the soap stars), and can also look sophisticated and classy. Bangs are very versatile so you can experiment to find the perfect length and style. They can be worn at any length from midway between the brows and hairline, to below the brows and just shy of poking the eyes.

Fabulous Hairstyles for Women

Moving down toward the cheeks and centering on the face, the overall length becomes the challenge. Again, it is easily remedied. Adding volume to your hair is a great way to compensate for this characteristic. Extra hair volume will help provide the illusion of a rounder face. If you have naturally thick or curly hair you can tease it in ways that will accentuate volume, and if not you can simply utilize the many tools and products available that are designed to add volume to thinner hair.

If you want to minimize the visual impact of your chin, consider a short hair style. A short hair style in a sense provides a clean break from the chin, and will prevent peoples’ eyes from subconsciously focusing below your nose. Thus, you will want short hair with enough volume to let the eyes focus horizontally. For those women partial to a longer hairstyle, a good way to compensate for an unsightly chin is to cut some bangs at or below the brows, and then leave a few side bangs that tuck under or flip outward at or just below the chin.

The hairstyle opportunities for long faces are fun and plentiful. They can be short or long, but remember to add volume and use your bangs to your advantage. Experiment with a variety of styles in front of your mirror so you can see which one looks the best on you. With all the perennial possibilities considered, a long face should not be considered a curse, but a blessing!

By Sherry Brister

Imagenes Full Hd 1080p Para Android

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