27th August 2014
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"Las Mejores Letras Para Hacer Tatuajes"

The Leading Men of Curly Manes

Weeks ago we discussed about the trending hairstyles of 2014 for men. Men with curly hair definitely deserve some attention too because of the wide range of styles they can try out although they might always find it a big hassle to maintain it.

Curly manes actually retains a man’s boyish side even as he grows older. That’s why Nolan Gould of Modern Family (double thumbs up for this sitcom!) is still adored as a small kid even when he’s growing up fast. Men have different types of curly manes. They are mainly separated as strong wave and lose curls.

Celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant and Antonio Banderas are perfect examples of strong wave curls. The hair is wavy in bunches and creates a full wave look on a whole, like the out of water hair.

While other celebrities such as Adrian Grenier of Entourage, James Franco, Orlando Bloom and Nick Jonas has better examples of lose curls.  It’s a more defined curls on thicker locks of hair.

Strong wave curls and lose curls are naturally common among Asian men. Curls are not too hard to maintain. The first step to maintenance is to invest in an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner.  This will help to help to smooth out the strands and prevent frizzing. Anti-frizz serum works well on smoothing out those locks too. Shampoos and conditioner with a lot of chemicals will damage the hair strand structure which will cause it to frizz up, so it is best to use organic shampoo and conditioner.Those who are looking for easy maintenance and styling can go for a shorter hairstyle for your curls. Towel-dry your hair and apply medium hold styling cream to the hair mainly on the front and back and style. A styling product with natural shine finish would be good as it gives off your curls extra definition.
And for those who like to have a fringe, simply blow-dry your fringe downwards with a curl brush and apply ample amount of matte finish wax. Try and avoid glossy finish products for the fringe as it will just make it look greasy and unkempt.

Harry Styles of One Direction pulling off his curls in Style!

Finally those who have medium to longer hair length should go for a medium hold pomade on towel-dried hair and push back their hair from the face for a slick back classic. 

Having curly/wavy hair isn’t that bad afterall. It brings out the man in you while retaining your boyish charms like Bradley Cooper.

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Las Mejores Letras Para Hacer Tatuajes

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